"Great Bundles of Fire" Packaged Firewood

Hardwood Bundles


All-In-One Firewood Bundle

.75 cu.ft. mixed  hardwood +

kindling + Kindlebits firestarters


Softwood Bundles


All-In-One Firewood Bundle

1 cu.ft. mixed softwood +

kindling + Kindlebits firestarters


Softwood Kindling Bags


KindleBag includes:

.65 cu.ft. softwood kindling + 

Kindlebits firestarters


Kindlebits Firestarters

Kindlebits firestarters

Fierstarters that really work, even wet. 

Great for starting campfires, wood stoves, BBQ's. Each burns for 7-10 minutes, no chemicals and no fumes.

3 pack

24 pack

36 pack

Retail Locations

Retail locations

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